Apprentice Set, Large boxed set 47 colors

Artistic Isle


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46 half pans, one full pan

wooden palette box, 2 watercolor brushes, 2 graphite pencils 

watercolor swatch printed on 140 pound watercolor paper (canson xl)

colors include:

Row 1:
Titanium White, Lumos, Irish Gold, unicorn, Italian rose, wild orchid, eye of newt, Kryptonite, dragon, Poseidon, Wisp, Luna

Row 2:
Marble, Naples yellow, Indian yellow, gold ocher, Pompeii Orange, Burnt Orange, Venetian Red, Carmine, Phoenix, Indian red deep, Quinacridone Red Violet, manganese violet

Row 3:
Aw green, fresh mint, grass green, sea Glass, olive green, sap green, jungle green, forest green, Deep Sap Green, aquamarine, imperial Purple

Row 4:
Kailani, Sky, azure, cobalt teal, Cerulean, desert blue, Prussian Blue, Hickory, Scarlet Hematite, vine black, noir, African violet